We wish a very happy New Year to photographers everywhere!
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Three Questions:

Are you interested in photography?

Do you want to improve your picture making in a friendly and supportive atmosphere?

Do you live in or near Sutton Coldfield?
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One Answer:

Join Sutton Coldfield Photography Club

Sutton Coldfield Photography Club is a small, friendly camera club which meets on Friday evenings at 8.00pm at Sutton Coldfield Methodist Church Centre in South Parade.
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Competition in our clubroom.

Coming up soon at Sutton Coldfield Photography Club

Friday 21st of January
Informal meeting. My Favourite Images from last year. Share the pictures you’ve taken that you most liked. (Zoom-at-home)
Members of SCPC
Friday 28th of January
5th Projected Image Competition - Phone photos (Zoom-at-home)
Members of SCPC
Friday 4th of February
MCPF Portfolio (Zoom-at-home)
Friday 11th of February
3 Way v Yardley PS & South B’ham. (Zoom)
Judge - Graham Walton DPAGB
Friday 18th of February
174 YEARS OF PHOTOSHOPPING The camera never lies - but the photograph can! This talk looks at how and why photographs have always been edited. (Zoom)
Friday 25th of February
Workflow and editing applications. Demo and Q&A (ZOOM)
Paul Stokes & Alan McCormick

Sutton Coldfield Photography Club is affiliated to the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain through the Midland Counties Photographic Federation and is a member of Made in Sutton.

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